Archangelos is the biggest village of Rhodes , which stretches along the eastern coast of the island , in the fruitful Aithona Valley in vast crops of oranges , mandarins , lemons , etc. This place gives you the chance to gaze at the magnificent view of the ancient castle built by the Ioannites in 1476 . The climate is Mediterranean and sunny throughout the year .
Archangelos is known for its church with its impressive bell tower built in 1845 , as also for the picturesque alleys of the old village and the traditional coloring of the patios. Additionally, Archangelos is known for the Association of small horses “Phaethon “.
Except of its agricultural products , the village is also famous for its handmade traditional rugs , pottery , and its handcrafted leather boots. Another feature of the village is the stone houses with their characteristic arch.
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Staying in Archangelos Village gives you easy access to super-markets, taverns, restaurants, bar, cafes, banks, pharmacies, health center, post office, rent a car services, souvenir shops etc.

The village is located 25km away from the city of Rhodes, 10 km from the picturesque Lindos, 35 km from the airport and 30 km from the main port of Rhodes. It is also within the venicity of Stegna Beach (2km), Tsabika Beach (4km)